Jan 20, 2022
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Burned Best Download || [Benedict Jacka] Burned Best Download || [Benedict Jacka] - Burned, Burned Mage Alex Verus is back in the seventh in the gorgeously realized urban fantasy series from the national bestselling author of Veiled I m used to people wanting me dead But this time I m not the onl Burned Best Download || [Benedict Jacka] - Burned, Burned Mage Alex Verus is back in the seventh in the gorgeously realized urban fantasy series from the national bestselling author of Veiled I m used to people wanting me dead But this time I m not the onl

  • Title: Burned
  • Author: Benedict Jacka
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Burned Best Download || [Benedict Jacka], Burned, Benedict Jacka, Burned Mage Alex Verus is back in the seventh in the gorgeously realized urban fantasy series from the national bestselling author of Veiled I m used to people wanting me dead But this time I m not the only one on the hit list and time is running out Diviner Alex Verus finally made one too many enemies on the Council of Mages and now one of them is angry enough to hMage Alex Verus is back in th.

    Burned Best Download || [Benedict Jacka] - Burned, Burned Mage Alex Verus is back in the seventh in the gorgeously realized urban fantasy series from the national bestselling author of Veiled I m used to people wanting me dead But this time I m not the onl


    Sometimes, every once in a great while, there comes a truly excellent UF book A good deal are entertaining, a bit less are fantastic, and a handful rank up there with some of the best in any genre Of course, to actually make that claim, we ve still got to take into account everything that has come before and see what kind of build in character, circumstance, pressure, and execution could possibly MAKE such a treasure.Okay, let s ignore that for a second It s a weight and a burden each of us carr [...]


    An easy five stars for this one which was probably the best so far in the series On the edge of your seat type tension with death sentences hanging over all our favourite characters and no apparent way out And then a huge cliff hanger of an ending and the next book nowhere in sight Please hurry Mr Jacka You can t finish a book like that and then leave us waiting Like many people I started this series because it is supposed to be similar to the Dresden Files and in many ways it is However it is a [...]


    Fucking hell That was, maybe, the best of the series Not a single slow moment was to be had From the very first page, to the very last, I was on the edge of my seat pulling for Alex and the gang And I just have to say, screw the Light Council Bunch of hypocritical douche bags ArghAs long as Jacka keeps writing these books, I ll keep buying them Alex had to make some impossible decisions and I can t imagine what s going to happen next


    Review crossposted from my book review blog I first started reading this series because it was recommended by Jim Butcher If you look at the cover of any of the books, you re likely to find a quote from him And in a lot of ways this series is like the Dresden Files And yet, I can never like it nearly as much I think I ve finally figured out why that is.Like Dresden, Verus often finds himself pitted against seemingly insurmountable obstacles The major difference, I think, is that while with Harry [...]


    Fantastic read, the dark mages finally show their teeth A hell of unexpected cliffhanger ending.


    Weakest in the series The chaos existing in the Light Council is unrealistic I mean, come on, no organization is that divided They would have been wiped out by the Dark Mages ages ago.As for Verus, it begins to annoy me that he doesn t evolve as a character or in power The series is often compared to Butcher s Dresden Files but the difference is that Harry s power and influence grow constantly throughout the series This doesn t happen with Verus and it s getting to be a bore I mean, at least giv [...]


    Nope Nope Nope.Way, way, way too dark for me.Not what I have come to enjoy from this series.

    Peter Pilot

    I really love d this series, and I m afraid that I absolutely hated the ending of this one so much so that it completely destroyed my enjoyment of the book as a whole From the point that Verus went on the run, I found the plotting lazy and basically meaningless We went here, then they nearly caught us then we went there, then they nearly caught us we went shopping, then they nearly caught us It was fundamentally just filling space until the final confrontation which was an insult to the author s [...]


    It s hard to do justice to this book without any spoilers Alex Verus has managed to tread that thin, awkward line between the political mage parties for years, but no longer The threat of an independent mage who refuses to align politically with existing powers has proven too much he and his dependents have a week to live.With that opening out of the way seriously, that s not a spoiler this is about 3 pages in the stage is set Somehow Verus, Anne, Vari and Luna must find a way to extricate thems [...]


    This is the Changes of the Alex Verus series If you re a fan of the Harry Dresden books, then you know the sort of impact I m talking about I m absolutely blown away.The book starts strong and never lets up, and it s clearly stuff that Jacka has been planning for a long time now The fence sitting, the endless playing both sides of mage society and trying to be beneath the notice of the heavy hitters it s all over Alex has a week to live and the execution order applies to his dependents as well T [...]


    You re killing me, Jacka


    3.5 stars In this volume Alex is finally forced to choose sides No running away, no talking himself out of a tight spot, no bargains or new magical powers In the end there are changes to their little scooby gang and Alex has to make a fateful decision I was getting really tired of the unending political machinations and Light vs Dark theme in previous books And the way they treat Alex and blame him for every little thing in the face of conflicting evidence was hard to stomach It was a little [...]


    This book was the weakest in the series Why is every light mage evil or an ass There should be good and honourable ones too Right However, in the name of honourable ones we get sonder and caldera who were just so so self righteous that i wanted to punch them Esp Caldera She reminds of some of the nazi officers i read about honest, by the book types who will follow the law even when they know it is screwed Just feel sorry for 10 seconds later for destroying someone s life view spoiler Or in this [...]


    This book was INTENSE There wasn t a moments let up from the first page to the last Jacka gets better and better, in style, character development, and his labyrinthine plotting This book has it all action, emotion, shocks, loss, bloody shocks, and a ridiculously good ending I put the book down and immediately started searching for the next release date, but any time is too far away Everything has changed Everything When I picked up Fated, I was uncertain about the main protagonist being a Divin [...]


    I was SO hopeful about this book when Arachne has a sit down with Mage Verus to say, dude, people are after you not because of this specific thing you did to someone else but because they re worried you could become a strong player on the scene FINALLY Someone stops listening to all the whining and tells him to make a choice And then for the rest of the book, he carefully avoids making any meaningful choices How can you have seven books and do so little to advance the main character s developmen [...]


    Fast paced, funny, full of action and with a big heart Another wonderful entry in this great series This many books in the series and no sign of fatigue in the horizon, quite the opposite actually, that s a great sign, really.The ending of this book did pretty damn great in setting up what should be a slightly different and potentially amazing next book, I seriously can t wait, I would have picked up the next book right away if I could This story is going to a very interesting place.


    I Hate Cliffhangers.A good book ending in a cliffhanger is just like a really bad joke high expectations ending in a flop.What did Jacka think That his readers weren t going to buy the next one if this seemed too tidily solved I m angry amd disappointed.And look, I not commenting about the book itself.what a pity.

    Deborah Ideiosepius

    After thoroughly enjoying the first three Alex Verus novels I was really excited to find this one on sale and sat down to read it pretty much right away on receiving it Were my expectations too high I don t think so The Alex Verus novels are a serialised set of adventures of a very enjoyable to read rogue mage, so there is a level of predictability and returning to the same characters, I was expecting that I did not realise it was 7 and that I was skipping ahead than one novel from my previous [...]


    Right now I was not wandering around and seeing the sights, for three reasons First, it was dark Second, the city was in the middle of a civil war And third, I was supposed to be conducting surveillance on the inhabitants of the building across the street Which was why, instead of enjoying the experiences of travel and new cultures, I was crouched on a dusty rooftop, hiding behind a parapet, shivering in the cold, and trying to make sure that no one on the other side could see me, since from loo [...]

    Gareth Otton

    Burned has one of the most instantly gripping opening chapters I have ever come across Even with long running series that I have been keeping up with, it normally takes me a chapter or two to get back into things Not with this book I was gripped from the very first page Burned hit the ground running and the pace never let up from that moment on The book starts when Verus gets a call from an old ally telling him that the Council have met and have put an execution order out on him and his friends [...]


    The great characters and a fast paced story makes this a very hard book to put down.What I liked Most of the core characters are at their best One of the better story lines of the series Moved the overall plot in significant ways Landis is awesome.What I didn t like The whole trapped in light mage political machinations thing is getting a little stale at book 7 Sonder is pretty annoying.For those who read the previous books and enjoyed them, which I m just going to assume is everyone reading thi [...]


    Alex Verus 7The premise for the kickoff of this story is not even believable, and it is increasingly frustrating that for all of Alex s efforts to work with the Light Council, including becoming a Keeper auxiliary, that there is so much distrust to the point that the Council ends up passing a death sentence on him It doesn t even make sense If they are that strongly anti dark, why is there a dark mage on the junior council Why not pass a death sentence on all the powerful dark mages out there W [...]

    M Hamed

    you can t blame the author for wanting to produce books ,i mean seven books and the story is going no where ,that in it self is not that rare Dresden gave you 15 books with the story going no where but it makes me sad because i love this series and it makes me sad to see it sunk to this level this point the author doesn t want to progress the story ,he want s to produce books,shame

    Jonathan Helme

    Wow what a book, twists and turns then an upside down Helter skelter, people of , stop what you are doing, run, fly, drive, sail, ride or pogo to the nearest book shop, buy this book and enjoy, oh and buy the other books and read them first if you haven t already.

    Syed Aunirbaan

    What a position to end, what a cliffhanger Damn, and people complain that my book has an unfair ending Really nice work by Mr Jacka Well built and well written Can t wait for the next one And I just loved Morden in this book Villains should be like him.


    6 5 stars


    Read reviews like this at my blog Diviner Alex Verus gets an early morning call from Talisid the Mage spymaster for whom Alex has been doing some work on the side Levistus, the Light Council member he pissed off in the last book well, over the last few books to be precise has passed an order for his execution, to be carried out in seven days.The kill order also calls for the death of Alex s dependents Luna, Anne, and Vari meaning that he ll need to disassociate from them to keep them safe, whi [...]


    Got to the point when I try to read really slowly so it wouldn t end but it is too exciting to slow down.

    Lianne Pheno

    Chronique tir e de mon blog Encore un super tome dans cette s rie, j ai l impression de r p ter a chaque tome PJe dois dire que d j ce tome fait fort d s le premier chapitre D habitude il faut toujours un peu de temps pour se remettre dans le bain doucement et tre pris dans l histoire Mais la non pas du tout, d s le tout d but on est vraiment prise dans l histoire, elle commence sur des chapeaux de roues Levistus has sentenced you to death You re to be executed in one week Quand Alex entend cett [...]

    Christi Craddock

    By far best one out of series yet I have faith that Alex will come out on top

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